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Healthy food is essential for healthy development.

The only way of knowing that the food we give our children is the best we can provide, free from harmful chemicals, is by using organic ingredients. Providing families with safe, organic food that tastes the way nature intended is Bellamy's mission and will remain their primary objective.

Bellamy's is committed to providing a range of tasty and nutritious organic baby food and family snack foods, that are 100% certified Organic.

Bellamy’s started with baby's first foods – baby rice and baby porridge. They added bakery products such as organic toothiepegs for teething babies. Then along came their very popular organic apple snacks and more recently, Bellamy’s Organic infant formula range. Now they have included more fruit snacks, great pastas and more cereal and fruit combinations in their range of Australia's best organic babies' and children's foods.

Bellamy’s products are available through selected Bellamy’s Stockists.

If you are interested in stocking Bellamy’s please contact us.