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Natural and homoeopathic medicine - Brauer professional believe that just producing the highest quality natural medicines is not good enough, they should also be effective, convenient and easy to use.

Having specialized in natural medicines and associated homoeopathic medicines since 1972, Brauer have developed what they believe to be the best Australian natural medicine products available to help relieve pain and illness naturally.

Most Brauer Natural Medicines are homeopathic which means they are:

• effective
• provide relief of specific symptoms
• are easy and convenient to take
• non habit forming
• suitable for children
• can be taken in conjunction with other medicines

Most pharmaceutical medicines mask the symptoms without dealing with the cause of a health problem. A disease is not just symptoms. Symptoms are the body's reaction to the cause of a health problem and simply stopping the symptoms does not make the disease go away, it just masks its presence.

Think of a burning house with its fire alarm that's screaming away, alerting everyone within hearing distance that a house is on fire. Merely stopping the symptoms is a bit like pulling the wires out of the fire alarm. You've silenced the alarm but the house is still burning down.

Brauer Natural Medicines are based on homeopathic remedies, which work with the body to deal with the cause of the problem so that the body no longer needs to have symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances and processed in a way that makes them both very powerful and highly unlikely to interact with other medicines or interfere with any serious health problem for which the medicine is not being used.

If you are interested in prescribing our Practitioner Only Products please contact us.


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