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Evidence based natural medicines - It is the goal of the Heel company to validate the therapeutic efficiency of the products they manufacture. Very few natural medicines have actual clinical testing on actual products. More interesting is the fact that Heel will test the therapeutic efficiency of their most important products not only against placebo but also against known pharmaceutical drugs in similar categories of disease, such is the confidence in this range of products. Heel through extensive research and testing has earned the right to make the claim "evidence based natural medicine".

For more than 60 years, Heel has offered non interactive, effective and comprehensive therapy with homoeopathy. Drug quality and safety have absolute priority at Heel. In addition to research and development laboratories, Heel operates high tech analytical and microbiological labs for testing of source materials, in-process control of individual production phases, and final control of the finished product.

Recently one Heel product Traumeel S was voted number one injury product in Germany by pharmacists above all products including orthodox medical treatments.

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