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Good, safe, wholesome food is our basic human right

As practitioners we are always talking with patients about the importance of their diet and the use of whole foods. So it made sense to us that we offer and promote the use of organic and whole foods. Spiral Foods' commitment to support small family business', whole and organic foods dovetails with ProHerb’s philosophy.

As Spiral Foods themselves say...
 “Some people call us the pioneers, others the innovative Organic food company, even the company with just the best products. Either way the Spiral team are proud to work with a group of (mainly) small family businesses to provide some of the finest foods available. Be it a traditional soy sauce from Japan, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain or Tunisia, Vinegars from France to fantastic Australian Organic Pasta made from the best wheat in the world; We are out there creating.”

Spiral Foods' products are available through selected Spiral Foods' Stockists.

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