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Eco friendly, biodegradable and organic products

The Wotnot range are premium products using ingredients that are chosen for their abilities to benefit the skin by combining natural and certified organic ingredients, to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe.

Gentle for you, your family and the environment…

WOTNOT products are free from:

  • artificial fragrance
  • petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • lanolin and phtalates
  • soap, sulphates & other drying agents
  • paraben preservatives & propylene glycol
  • and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin
  • our wipes and sunscreen are safe for sufferers of Eczema

Giving Back…

WOTNOT believe in social responsibility:

  • we are against animal testing
  • empower with information to help people feel healthier & better about
  • themselves and the choices they make
  • respect everyone we deal with
  • protect our planet by providing products that are sustainable, clean and safe
  • use 100% Renewable Energy in our office and warehouse
  • add to our community through Bear Cottage & The Wilderness Society

WOTNOT products are available through selected WOTNOT Stockists.

If you are interested in stocking WOTNOT please contact us.